A/C Non A/C A/C Non A/C
INDICA 140 6 1,670 1,540 11 10 120
INDIGO/SWIFT/ETIOS/VERITO/LOGAN 140 6 1,840 1,700 12 11 140
ERTICA/ENJOY 140 6 2,180 2,040 14 13 170
XYLO/TAVERA 140 6 2,320 2,180 15 14 170
INNOVA/EVALIO 140 6 2,590 2,590 17 17 170

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Over a third of its surface is covered by the great Ashtamudi Lake, the entrance to the renowned backwaters of Kerala. Get onboard a houseboat and let the beautiful landscape transport you to an age where nature resided in our midst. An eight hour ride via this route to Alappuzha is among the most sought-after and picturesque trips that Kerala has to offer.Fast Tack Call Taxi Provides the best deal for booking cab hire service from Trivandrum to Kollam

Getting there,

Nearest railway station:
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 66 km

Popular Places in Kollam:

1. Tangasseri Lighthouse:

  Thangassery Lighthouse is situated atTangasseri in Kollam city of the Indian state of Kerala. It is one of two lighthouses in the Kollam Metropolitan Area and is maintained by the Chennai Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships. In operation since 1902, the cylindrical lighthouse tower painted with white and red oblique bands has a height of 41 metres.

2. Neendakara Port:

The Neendakara is a famous fishing port, located 9 km north of Kollam district in Kerela. This major sea port is one of the biggest in the  region, with the capacity to contain over 500 fishing boats at a time. The place is  so beautiful that people from different parts of the state, country and even abroad.

3. Palaruvi Falls:

Palaruvi Fallsis a waterfall located inKollam district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the 32nd highest waterfall in India. Palaruvi (literally "stream of milk") falls from a height of 300 feet and is situated at Aryankavu in the Kollam district of the south Indian state of Kerala.

4. Kollam Beach:

Kollam Beach, also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach, is a beach at Kollam city in the Indian state of Kerala. Kollam Beach is the first 'Beach Wedding Destination' in Kerala.
The beach also features a park of international standard, the Mahatma Gandhi Park, which was inaugurated on 1 January 1961. Kollam beach is one among the few beaches in Kerala with a lifeguard outpost. Lifeguards were stationed at the beach from 2005. As of July 2015 Kovalam, Kollam is one among the three beaches in south Kerala with lifeguard outposts.

5. Punalur:

Punalur is a town near the Kerala-Tamilnadu Border. The Kallada River flows through this town, giving it the name ‘Punalur’ which means ‘place of water’ in the local lingo. Popularly known as the gateway of the Western Ghats, Punalur is the second largest town in Kollam. A must visit place in Punalur is the suspension bridge which was South India’s first motorable bridge and one of the oldest bridges in Indian history.

6.Thirumullavaram Beach:

Thirumullavaram is a secluded beach in Kollam district skirted by swaying coconut palms and exuding a natural beauty that is bound to soothe your minds.It is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala, safe even for little kids. Visitors can see the ‘Njayarazhcha Para’ (Sunday Rock) about a kilometre and half into the sea. This unspoilt beach with crystal clear water, sun-soaked sand and lush green palms attracts tourists from all over the world. One can refresh oneself with fresh coconut water to beat the scorching summer heat and get a taste of the local cuisine. There is also a Maha Vishnu temple near the beach. Pilgrims come here to perform the spiritual ritual of Vavubali tharpanam.

7. British Residency:

Also known as the Government guest house, this two storey building was built by Col. John Munro. The mansion is constructed with a blend of Indian, European and Tuscan architecture styles. The structure is famous for its murals and other artistic embellishments. The notable landmark of this place is the Chinnakada clock tower which stands in the heart of the city. The Edward Rose Garden is another not to be missed attraction of this mansion.

8. Munroe Island

Named after Col. Munroe, the British resident of erstwhile Travancore state, this is a small island lying at the confluence of the Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada river. Canoe tours to the island through the backwaters is very popular, being one of the best ways to experience first-hand the life of the riverine population and see the natural vegetation that the island has to offer.

9. Jatayupara

Jatayupara takes its name after the epic bird in Ramayana – Jatayu. Legend has it that the bird tried to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana. The story goes on with Ravana beating Jatayu and the bird supposedly falling on this rock with its wing cut off. vegetation.
A massive sculpture of Jatayu, the world’s largest bird sculpture, is the main attraction of Jatayapara, a popular picnic spot for families. A nature park is constructed around the sculpture. An 18 ft high statue of Lord Rama is also being constructed at the site.