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Varkala, a calm and quiet hamlet, lies on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram district. It has several tourist attractions that include a beautiful beach, a 2000-year-old Vishnu Temple and the Ashramam - Sivagiri Mutt a little distance from the beach.Fast Tack Call Taxi Provides the best deal for booking cab hire service from Trivandrum to Varkala.

Popular Places in Varkala:

1.Varkala Beach:

Varkala beach is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. These tertiary sedimentary formation cliffs are a unique geological feature on the otherwise flat Kerala coast, and is known among geologists as Varkala Formation and a geological monument as declared by the Geological Survey of India. There are numerous water spouts and spas on the sides of these cliffs.

2.Janardanaswamy Temple:

Janardana Swami Temple is a 2000-year-old temple situated in Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram. It is also known as Varkala Temple. Janardana Swami is a form of Lord Vishnu. It is a very well known temple in Kerala about 10.9 km west ofKallambalam on NH 66 near sea, 25 km north of Thiruvananthapuram city, 13 km south of famous backwater destination Paravur and 2 km from Varkala Sivagiri railway station,14 km north west of biggest town Attingal.

3.Varkala cliff:

Varkala is a coastal city and municipality in Thiruvananthapuram districtsituated in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the suburban city of Trivandrum. It is located 40 kilometres. Varkala is also famous for the 2,000-year-old Janardana Swami Temple which is an important Vaishnavaite shrine in India and is often referred to as Dakshin Kashi.

4.Kaikkara beach:

Kayikkara is located near Kadakkavoor in Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala. It is a beautiful beach side Village. This residential area is situated between Anchuthengu and Nedunganda on Kadakkavoor - Varkala Road. Kumaran Asan, one among the famous triumvirate poets of Kerala, was born in this village. Mahakavi Kumaran Asan Smarakam is the main attraction here.

5.Kappil Lake:

Kappil Lake is about 4 kilometers north of Varkala Town. This serene estuary meanders through dense coconut groves before merging into the Arabian Sea. The bridge over the lake is quite a vantage point to view the backwater stretching white and grey to the distant blue horizon. Boating is another great way to browse this tranquil waterway.

6. Anjengo Fort:

Anjengo Fort is a fort near Varkala. It is a place of historic importance as well as beautiful natural setting, Anjengo is an ideal destination for those who don't mind walking around and explore what is in store. In the year 1684, the English East India Companychose Anjengo to establish their first trade settlement in Kerala. At Anjengo, one can find the remnants of the old English Fort, which was targeted several times by other foreign powers. The Fort is now under the protection of National Heritage Monuments. There is also a cemetery inside the fort. The beautiful Muthalapuzhi lake is situated in Anjengo.

7.Sivagiri Mutt:

Sivagiri Mutt is a famous ashram in Varkala, founded by the philosopher and social reformer Sree Narayana Guru. Sree Narayana Guru'stomb is also located here. The Samadhi (the final resting place) of the Guru here attracts thousands of devotees every year during the Sivagiri Pilgrimage days 30 December to 1 January. The Sivagiri Mutt, built in 1904, is situated at the top of the Sivagiri hill near Varkala. The Guru Deva Jayanti, the birthday of the Guru, and the samadhi day are celebrated in August and September respectively every year. Colourful processions, debates and seminars, public meetings, cultural shows, community feasts, group wedding and rituals mark the celebrations.

8.Panayara Triporittakkavu Bhagavathi Temple :

                                      The Temple was sustain ancientness and heritage up to this era with the deity of Sri. Bhadrakali Devi and the idol was emphasis status of Devi's motherhood. One of the most important statues of the temple was ‘Anakottile’ (elephant fort), it’s constructed with twelve stone pillars in a rectangular shape. The other standing inheritance symbols are 'Kalathattile' (platform for performances) and 'Nalambalam' (The traditional architecture is typically a rectangular structure where four halls are joined together with a central courtyard open to the sky) has construct with ancient carpenter technology known as Thatchu Shastra. Meenabharani festival is the chief festival in Porittakkavu temple, the festival celebrating the month of ‘Meenam’ (March/April) in Malayalam calendar.